Grant Information

Grant applications submitted for funding consideration are only accepted using our on-line application process. Applicants must be 501C(3) as determined by the IRS and is validated within the Foundation’s GIFT Management System.

Funding recommendations are provided by the Foundation’s Advisory Committee Members and made to the Forest County Potawatomi Executive Council. Factors taken into consideration will not be limited to the Eligible Criteria below. The final approvals are provided to the Foundation by the Executive Council.

Eligible Criteria:

  • Must have 3 years of operating experience as a registered 501C(3)
  • Understands the mission of the FCP Foundation
  • Ability to accomplish stated proposal
  • Board Members profile
  • History & reputation of the organization
  • Financial stability and the ability to leverage other funds
  • Quality of performance
  • Harmony with the environment

Program Areas Considered:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Civic & Community
  • Economic Development
  • Education (After School Programs Only)
  • Elderly
  • Environmental
  • Health & Human Services
  • Native American
  • Veterans
  • Youth Development

The FCP Foundation Does Not Consider Support Of:

  • Foundations, Groups or Organizations that re-grant the funds to other Organizations or Institutions
  • Fiscal or Fiduciary Agents on behalf of Organizations that lack a Registered 501C(3) status
  • General Operating Expenses
  • Capital Projects
  • Sponsorships, Fundraising Events or Festivals
  • Individual causes or Requests
  • Political causes, Candidates or Campaigns
  • Churches or Religious Organizations (unless it is a program that benefits the community)

Grant Application Deadlines

  • December 1st, until 4pm Central Time, January 22nd
  • April 1st, until 4pm Central Time, May 22nd
  • August 1st, until 4pm Central Time, September 22nd

Review Timeframe

  • February through April
  • June through August
  • October through December

*Proposals should be submitted at least 4 months prior to or the beginning of programs and or projects.
*Organizations may apply only once per 12 month period.

We welcome the opportunity to provide guidance before you begin the application process. Please contact our office at 414-837-3413 with any question before the grant application deadline date.