Family Resource Center


The CHOICES program provides ATODA / at risk prevention and intervention services and activities to FCP adolescents. The goal is that by participating in CHOICES Program, it will promote youth to choose healthy lifestyles. CHOICES meets every Monday from 3:00 – 5:00 with a variety of activities and also collaborates with NEW Directions (W4D) Tuesday – Thursday.

Life Skills:

Life Skills Groups are held weekly for adult tribal community members interested in learning how to overcome everyday challenges. Classes encourage healthy behaviors and encompass issues such as nutrition, budgeting, home care, family dynamics, job readiness, safety, child development, communication and family relationships. Each week, the group features a different presenter from the community.

Play Shoppe:

Play Shoppe is an opportunity for children to learn valuable developmental and social interaction skills, and a time for parents to nurture that special bond by “participating” in activities with their children, including music, crafts, snacks, story time and lots of “messy” play! Children learn best if they are having fun, so come and join us. The activities are created for children 1 to 5 years of age, but all are welcome.

Positive Indian Parenting:

The Positive Indian Parenting curriculum is a model training program that is presented in manual form and draws on the cultural strengths of Native child-rearing. The curriculum is endorsed by the National Indian Child Welfare Association and is designed to provide a brief, culturally specific training program for Indian parents. The curriculum consists of eight two-hour sessions and the goal is to help Indian child-rearing practices and then apply those values to modern skills of parenting. In addition, parents develop positive and satisfying attitudes, values and skills that promote the growth and well-being of the child(ren).

Strengthening Families Program:

This 6-week session workshop is designed to help parents and youth ages 10-14 build on their love and setting limits. Families will learn to grow together and the youth will develop skills in handling peer pressure and building a positive future.