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FILM – Fostering Independence, Leadership, and Mentoring

The FCP IT department has been awarded a grant which is administrated through the Administration of Native Americans (ANA).  It is a grant focused on educating tribal and community youth in the skills of video and film production.  This program enables youth of the surrounding community to express in a creative way and to learn the tools of film and video production with some of the latest technology.

The grant’s goal is aimed at students in the age range of 13-18. The mentors of the program are 18 years of age and over.

We encourage everyone to get involved in some of the youth video projects.

“It takes a Team, or if you will, a Tribe, of diverse individuals to create a movie or show!”

David Herkert  FCP FILM Coordinator

If you’re looking for more information or are interested in becoming a part of the FILM program, please complete the contact form below and someone will contact you soon.

April 25th Wednesday WS6-WS7 Editing on Premiere and work on ipad films
April 26th Thursday Special Workshop – Editing and Youtube/Web Streaming
→ Ryan Reynolds and Matt Moore
April 30th Monday WS7-WS8 Narrative Project Screen Writing – Story development
May 2nd Wednesday WS8-WS9 or Animation Project  with cameras
May 3rd Thursday Special Workshop – Show Creation and Story Telling your story
→ Micah Nickey and Luke Schulta
May 7th Monday WS9-WS10 Documentary project News Broadcasting ins and outs
May 9th Wednesday WS10-Summer Schedule and project planning – Open workshop
May 10th Thursday Special Workshop – Directing to Acting
May 14th Monday WS1-10 review – Movie Screening of Projects & Major MP (TBD)
May 16th Wednesday WS1-10 review – Movie Screening of Projects & Major MP (TBD)
May 21st
Production days  **work on projects – Movie Screenings TBD
May 23rd Wednesday Midwest Grillin Production Team Sign up 3:30-4pm
May 24th Thursday Midwest Grillin Production Meeting 3:30-4:30pm
June 4th
Midwest Grillin Pre-Production meetings and work TBD
June 11th
Midwest Production week prep Finalized
June 14th Thursday Midwest Production – CRANDON RACEWAY
Producer: Mercedes Houle   Director: Mariah Jacobson
June 5th Tuesday Full Scripted  Scene filming at Wee Care 1pm – 5pm
June 7th Thursday Channel 12 tour and Up North at 4 Show
June 12th Production Days John Gwinn and MIGIZI Communications  Workshop TBD
June 18th – 21st Open Summer Workshops. TBD
June 25th – 28th Open Summer Workshop TBD
June 29th Film – Man on the street interviews at Forest Co. Fair
July 18th Field Trip to MIGIZI Communications in Minnesota

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