Tribal Court


Administrative Rule Governing Court Operations During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Forest County Potawatomi Tribal Court was established by the General Council pursuant to the Tribe’s constitution in 1994. The Court serves all tribal members and the general public. The court hears cases on a wide variety of topics including small claims, CHIPS (Child In need of Protective Services), guardianship, wage garnishments, child support, employment and name changes. The Court continues to grow and hear more cases every year. Having a judicial system is one of the hallmarks of a government.

Tribal Court Staff:

  • Christian D. Daniels – Chief Judge
  • Angela Moe – Associate Judge
  • Paul Stenzel – Tribal Court Advisor
  • Neena Ackley – Deputy Clerk of Court
  • Jeanne Rohloff – Deputy Clerk of Court
  • Tara L. Kress – Clerk of Court
  • Ryan Janka – Bailiff

Wellness Court Staff:

  • Anthony John – Wellness Court Coordinator
  • Katie Kennedy – Wellness Court Clinician