Child Care

The FCP Child Care Program will assist parents with child care who are Forest County Potawatomi Tribal Members or Native Americans who live on or within 10 miles of the Forest County Potawatomi reservation so they may be employed, attend education, training and/or seek employment.

The Child Care Program also certifies child care providers who have or would like to have a child care business in their home. The Child Care Program offers a 56-hour child care certification class for providers that would like to become Regular Certified. The class is taught by Work and Family Consulting, Inc. We also offer various continuing education opportunities such as CPR/First Aid classes, SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome training. We collaborate with several tribal departments including the Department of Family & Children and Northwest Connection to offer updated trainings for parents and providers on the program.

We also work together with other Tribal Departments to provide community events throughout the year. Child Care Staff meets yearly with the Wisconsin Inter-Tribal Early Education Child Care Council (WITECCC) to discuss child care related issues and to plan our yearly fall conference. The Wisconsin Inter-Tribal Early Education Child Care Council consists of all eleven Tribes in Wisconsin.

Child Care Program Goals:

To continuously improve the quality of child care for children of Potawatomi Tribal Members.
To provide continuing education for all child care providers so they may provide quality child care.
To provide support and quality child care programs for all parents so they are able to be employed, seek employment or to receive education in the form of classes and/or workshops.
To promote the health, safety and general welfare of the children.

Parents, providers and community members are welcome to call or stop in with any questions.

Additional Info

Phone: 715-478-4433 or 715-478-4501