Child Support Establishment

How do I Establish a Child Support Order?

  • Request Child Support Application from Forest County Potawatomi Tribal Child Support Agency Via:
    • Phone
    • Website/email
    • Mail
    • Fax
  • Complete application to best of ability. Include documents such as:
    • Copies of social security cards
    • Birth certificates and marriage certificates
    • Driver’s license or Tribal ID’s
    • Any family related court orders
    • Financial and employment records
  • Return application to FCPC-TCSA via mail, fax, web or personally.

What Happens After my Application is Returned to FCPC-TCSA?

  • Intake Specialist will review the application and conduct a phone or in person interview if needed to gather more information to complete the application process.
  • Intake Specialist will open a new case file with application and current information card and open case in MTS. Once case is open, the case will be given to the appropriate Tribal Case Specialist.
  • The Case Specialist shall send out a 5 day contact letter to both parties to see if an agreement can be made outside of Tribal Court through a stipulation. If parties can agree to child support, the Specialist will draft a stipulation and ask that the parties sign the stipulation within 5 business days.  If an agreement cannot be met, a Summons and Petition will be drafted.
  • The Summons and Petition will be served upon the Non-Custodial Parent via personal service and sent to all parties via certified mail. After personal service, FCPC-TCSA must wait 20 days before the initial child support hearing can be held to allow the respondent time to answer the claims listed in the petition.
  • The initial child support hearing will be held in Tribal Court and FCPC-TCSA will appear to recommend an amount of child support that is in accordance with the Child Support guidelines in the Forest County Potawatomi Child Support Ordinance.
  • Calculations may vary based on placement, visitation and number of biological children in the home. The basic child support guidelines without shared or split placement are based on gross income and are as follows:
    • 17% for one child
    • 25% for two children
    • 29% for three children
    • 31% for four children
    • 34% for five or more children
  • After the initial hearing, if child support is order by the Judge, the order will be drafted by FCPC-TCSA and forwarded to Tribal Court for signature. Once it is signed, it will be sent to all parties in the action.  FCPC-TCSA will begin enforcement measures immediately upon Tribal Court’s acceptance of the child support order.