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Forest County Potawatomi Community Tribal Child Support Agency


The emotional, spiritual and financial support of the Potawatomi children and their care and safety is an important element of Potawatomi culture, tradition and custom. The children are the community’s future and parents have the moral and legal obligation to provide for their health, welfare and safety. With this in mind, the Forest County Potawatomi Community – Tribal Child Support Agency (FCPC-TCSA) was established in 2003.

FCPC-TCSA was the ninth federally funded tribal child support program in the United States. As one of the pioneer programs, they provide guidance to other Tribes who are creating their own agencies.

In their first year of operation, FCPC-TCSA collected more than $1.3 million in child support. Much of that money was sent to children and families who had never before received child support payments.

In 2010, they collected just over $2.9 million in child support with most of the money distributed directly to families.

Today, the program manages over 525 child support and paternity cases serving more than 600 children.

In addition, FCPC-TCSA was chosen by the Federal Office of Child Support to be the pilot Tribe for the newly-developed tribal automated child support system called the Model Tribal System (MTS). This joint federal and Tribal sponsored program is the first automated system that is built specifically for Tribal Child Programs. FCPC-TCSA is working diligently to finding innovative was to assist other Tribal Nations in the future who utilize the MTS after it is released by OCSE. Interested Tribal Nations are encouraged to contact Jackie Pische, FCPC-Director, for more information.

Location of Parents

We have numerous tools to locate parents and/or their assets for purposes of child support enforcement and paternity establishment.

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Phone: (715) 478-7260
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Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 7am – 5pm.

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