Community Center Holds Contractors Open House

Forest County Potawatomi (FCP) Executive Council wanted to show gratitude and appreciation to the contractors and sub-contractors that have been working so diligently and efficiently on the new Community Center.

Forest County Potawatomi Leaders XIV

In collaboration with the Forest CountyPotawatomi (FCP) Cultural Center, Library & Museum archives and Potawatomi Traveling Times (PTT) this is the next addition to the leader series.

Meno Keno Ma Ge Wen 2021

It has been 722 days; or 17,328 hours; or 1,039,380 minutes; or 62,380,800 seconds since the Ka Kéw Sé Gathering Grounds in Carter, Wis. has heard the beat of a powwow drum or the tapping of moccasins on its turf.

Forest County Potawatomi Leaders XII

Thunder has served the Forest County Potawatomi Community through his involvement in tribal government and in his dedication to teaching the Potawatomi language to younger generations.