Jim Thunder Sr and Mary Jane Photo

Wete Yathmownen, Real Stories: Potawatomi Oral History

September 12, 2018, was a very special day for the Forest County Potawatomi (FCP) tribe as a community: It was the day two highly-respected FCP elders from the community launched their new book. Titled “Wete Yathmownen, Real Stories: Potawatomi Oral History” was written and compiled by Jim Thunder Sr. (Bemwetek) and Mary Jane Thunder (Wabmigo). This day was also the launching and celebration for the book being made available to the public.

FCP veterans

25th Annual Potawatomi Gathering

The estimated registration for this year’s 25th Annual Potawatomi Gathering was around 2,300 members from each of the nine Potawatomi Bands. The event was held this year in Mayetta, Kan., home of the Prairie Band Potawatomi (PBP) during the week of July 29 – Aug. 5, 2018.