Forest County Potawatomi Leaders VII

Isaac George, also known as Ike, was born June 15, 1898, to John and Eliza George. His obituary in The Forest Republican states that he was born in Odana, Wis., the son of John and Eliza George.

Forest County Potawatomi Leaders VI

On to the next two tribal chairs: Hoffman Alloway and Max Keshick. There wasn’t much in the data base for either of these two, but PTT will share what was found.

FC Potawatomi Leaders IV

Potawatomi Traveling Times (PTT) and Forest County Potawatomi (FCP) Cultural Preservation Division gathered information about the first chiefs of the tribe as displayed in the FCP Executive Building auditorium.

Forest County Potawatomi Leaders II

In continuation of honoring Native American Heritage Month, the next two Forest County Potawatomi (FCP) leaders that are recognized by the FCP Cultural Preservation Division (CPD) and Potawatomi Traveling Times (PTT) are Charles Kisheck and John Shawano.