The Lyert Family

Family Invited to Speak About Addiction

The Lybert family is made up of father Rick, mother Sandi, sister Ashleigh and Tyler, brother and former drug addict. They are no strangers to what drugs can do to an individual or to an entire family. The Lybert family are the founders of Your Choice to Live, Inc. This is a non-profit organization that has been going strong since 2009. It has provided services to over 300 families and the family has spoken to over 85,000 youth in 100 middle and high schools across southeast Wisconsin.

Artists Arlene Alloway (left) and Mary Burns (right)

Wisconsin Native Women and Culture Honored Through Art

Honoring elders of the community is of great importance to the Forest County Potawatomi culture and tribe. It is taught to the children starting at a young age, and it is reinforced throughout their childhood. Always listen to the elders as they are wise and knowledgeable when it comes to the Potawatomi people and their past.

Election Winners

Two Election Winners Sworn In; One Position Still Unfilled

The election results are in: Al Milham (incumbent) defeated Clarence Daniels and Kenneth George Jr. for the position of Vice Chairman. Joseph Daniels defeated Richard Gougé (incumbent) and Lori Cleereman for the position of Treasurer. The big surprise is that the candidates for Secretary, Lorna Shawano (incumbent) and James A. Crawford, ended in a tie. A runoff election will be held on Saturday, Nov. 26. Congratulations to the winners and good luck to the candidates for Secretary.

New Native Theatre

New Native Theatre Performs Locally

A group of Native American actors graced the stage at the Forest County Potawatomi Executive Building auditorium the weekend of Oct. 8 – 9, 2016. Based in the Twin Cities, these performers operate under New Native Theatre (NNT) and are proud to be a part of the upper Midwest’s only Native American-owned and operated 501(c)3 theatre company.

fall 5k

Fall 5K a Success

And they’re off… Look how fresh-faced and eager they all were. It wasn’t easy, but everybody finished! Saturday, Sept. 24, was cool, breezy and mostly sunny – a perfect day to participate in the Mish ko swen Fall 5K! The Rec Center was home base for the 70+ community members who came out to run, walk, push a stroller or carry young ones across the finish line.


Indian Summer Celebrates 30 Years

The 2016 annual Indian Summer Festival in Milwaukee, Wis., celebrated its 30th year anniversary this month.

The festival began bright and early Friday morning. As many Native people find their way towards the powwow, the festival actually has many other events that are both educational and cultural to Native Americans and other non-Native people. Friday is known as “Education Day”, as its sole purpose is to educate those of the original ways of the Native aboriginals to America.