Drug Take Back Day

October 27, 2018 @ 7:00 am
Forest County Sheriff’s Department

Everyone has a role in supporting the health of youth and young adults. One community action item that YOU can help with is to make opioids less available. Participate in the community drug take-back events and drop off unused medications in the collection boxes. Everyone can help prevent the abuse of opioid drugs. Did you know; “Fact: Nonmedical use of opioids in Native American youth occurs two-to-three times more than with other ethnic groups.” – Wisconsin Dose of Reality Campaign

Date: October 27th

Location: Forest County Sheriff’s Department

Never Flush or Drain: Unused or expired prescription medications should NEVER be flushed or poured down the drain or septic system. These substances can pollute of the water supple if not disposed of properly.


  • The Forest County Sheriff’s Department has a 24-hour permanent drug drop-off box in the Sheriff’s Department where community members can bring their unwanted/unused medications all hours of every day.
  • The Forest County Potawatomi Health & Wellness Center has a permanent drug drop-off box located near the Pharmacy counter. You can bring any expired medications that you no longer need anytime during normal business hours of the Health & Wellness Center (Monday-Friday 7AM-6PM).

What can I bring to the drug drop-off boxes?


  • Prescription (controlled and non-controlled)
  • Over-the-Counter Medications (OTC)
  • Ointments, patches, non-aerosol sprays, or inhalers
  • Creams, vials, and pet medications

Do Not Bring

  • Illegal drugs, needles/sharps, or aerosol cans
  • Bio-hazardous materials (anything with bodily liquid or blood)
  • Mercury thermometers or personal care products (shampoo, soaps, lotions, sunscreen, etc.)
  • Household hazardous waste (paint, pesticides, oil, gas, etc.)