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Government Employment Application – fillable form

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Fillable PDF Instructions

Some of our forms can be filled in using your computer. Forms with this option are indicated by the underlined words “Fillable Form” after the name of the form. You must click on Fill-In Form to access this feature. Using a fill-in form does not automatically submit the application. Please print the form and follow the instructions for the form or the specific job.

Important Notes:

  • We recommend you download the latest version of the free Adobe Reader software or at the minimum Adobe Reader version 9.1 should be installed on your computer.
  • The information you enter in these fill-in forms will NOT be computed, verified nor electronically transmitted to the Forest County Potawatomi Community
  • Our fill-able forms are a service that enables you to take a blank form, enter data into it, and print it.
  • Form instructions do not contain any fill-in functions.
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How to Use Fillable Forms:

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  3. Use the space bar or click the mouse button to mark or uncheck a box.
  4. If a form is more than one page, use the scroll bar to move from page to page or click on the page buttons that appear on the forms.
  5. After filling out the form and reviewing it, select the Print button at the top of the form.
  6. Fax, email or mail in your completed application.