Potawatomi Foundation

The  Foundation is a result of the rich history and beliefs of the Potawatomi  tribe. The cornerstone of those beliefs is the Circle of Life.  Paralleling the seasons of nature, the Circle of Life is a demonstration  of the Potawatomi reverence for all living things and nurtures the  belief that they are a self-reliant and self-determined nation of  people.Difficult times  have sometimes made that self-reliance seem impossible to achieve. The  Potawatomi people have witnessed both young and old struggle against the  oppression of poverty. They have learned much in their past struggles,  and the Circle of Life guides them to use the fruits of these lessons to  help others overcome their obstacles.

Therefore, a major effort of the Foundation and its funds is  to assist charitable organizations that help those people who are faced  with economic challenges. As a result, the Foundation targets its  resources to those areas with a high percentage of individuals with low and very low incomes.

“I pray to our creator that we look back so that we may see ahead. Let us examine our lives so that we are respectful to our fellow humans and to nature. Let us respect our children and, above all, let us live our lives in accordance to our beliefs.”

-Jim Thunder, Tribal Elder, Forest County Potawatomi Community

Contact the Potawatomi Foundation


3209 W. Highland Blvd, Milwaukee, WI 53208


(414-) 847-7720

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